Facts – a bit of background:
  • Name – Gaspard and Marie
  • Living in – Sydney, Bondi, for over 5 years
  • Nationality – French-Australian
  • Professional Status – both working in Corporate
  • Savings to invest – $100k
  • Borrowing Capacity – >$500k
Pain point
  • Their first approach was to buy a property to live in
  • After looking for over a year, they realised that buying in Bondi, where they enjoyed the beach life, was way too expensive and out of their budget
  • They knew that their savings sitting in their bank account was losing value
  • At one point they might think of going back to France for a while
  • They decided they would become Rentvestors (link to our rent vs buy) so that they could continue to think long term for their investments and not having to sell the house they lived in if their personal situation changed and they had to move somewhere else
  • They ended up buying this property (link to the investment page) and are no enjoying from the benefits of positive cash flow and capital growth, so that in a couple of years they can buy their next investment property

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