Why Property Managers are Essential for Busy Investors?

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Why Property Managers are Essential for Busy Investors?

Being a landlord is a tough gig, especially when things go wrong with tenants. You can easily get trapped in a whirlpool of maintaining the property, organising repairs, managing your tenants’ expectations, staying up to date with legal requirements, filing taxes, and more. As you try to expand your portfolio and diversify into different assets and investments, property management becomes the low-hanging fruit that should be outsourced to free up your time, give you less headaches, and make sure your properties are maintained to the highest possible standards.

If you’re wondering how a professional property manager can help – here is a list of all the responsibilities that they would take off your plate and do to keep your property running smoothly:

  1. Rental Price Analysis 

  2. Advertising and marketing

  3. Screening potential tenants and conducting thorough background checks

  4. Maintaining a good relationship with the tenants

  5. Resolving any issues that may arise

  6. Organising and managing maintenance and repairs 

  7. Help ensure you have adequate insurance coverage 

  8. Help handle financial matters and maintain meticulous records

  9. Regularly review and adjust rental increases over time

  10. Routine inspections
  11. Detailed ingoing and outgoing reports
  12. Appearing at Tribunal
  13. Bond collections and rental arrears management

In short, property managers will save you a lot of time and headaches.

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