Why mortgage brokers are partnering with PropHero to accelerate time to value


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Why mortgage brokers are partnering with PropHero to accelerate time to value

Why mortgage brokers are partnering with PropHero

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Using our next-generation digital platform, investors are buying quality investment properties within 8 weeks, narrowing the gap for brokers between pre-approval and drawdown.

PropHero’s mission is to help people create wealth through residential property. We do this via our next-generation digital proptech platform that makes property investing simple, transparent, time-efficient and more profitable.

How does PropHero Work?

First, our clients consult with a personal property coach to create an investment strategy.

Then PropHero’s AI algorithms, big data models and national network of property professionals do all the heavy lifting to find the right selection of properties that match to the client’s preferences.  It’s a bit like Tinder … but for investment property!

We also help with the inspections, negotiations and executing the deal. Then our “Track” app takes care of the administration and portfolio management.

We save hours of time for property investors and our data-driven approach delivers confidence.

Helping mortgage brokers maximise revenue from property investors

One of the main challenges faced by brokers today is accelerating time to value and also minimising double handling and non-remunerated hours.

When pre-approved investor clients don’t make a property purchase within the relevant timeframe, all your prior work can be wasted.  This is an even pointier problem with interest rates going up almost every month and impacting affordability analysis!

Referring your investor clients to PropHero narrows the gap between pre-approval and drawdown because 80% of our clients buy a quality investment property within eight weeks.  This means you can monetise your hard work sooner and maximise your revenue.

Moreover, 60% of our clients buy more than one property and 80% of our clients recommend us to their friends and family.  So working with PropHero gives you more deals too!  It’s a great network effect that makes everyone happy.

Becoming a PropHero Partner

As a PropHero Partner, we set up a cross-referral arrangement with referrals going both ways, and you join our national network of trusted property professionals.

We become an acquisition channel for you as around 50% of clients coming to PropHero do not have a broker yet.

You refer clients looking for an investment property (not owner-occupiers) to PropHero so we can help them buy a great investment property.  You have full real-time visibility on the progress of deals through our digital platform, so you won’t have to waste any time on back-and-forth emails or phone calls to check how things are going.

To date, PropHero is already successfully partnering with 15 mortgage brokers to help them grow the value of their book by working with more investors.

Interested in becoming a PropHero Partner?  Reach out to us for our broker fact sheet and let’s start a conversation!  Email us here:


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