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Our totally transparent pricing is structured in the following way:

  1. Engagement / Joining Fee : $990 (inc. GST) This gets you life-time access to our platform and our “boots on the ground”. Once we define a strategy that’s right for you, you’ll receive two properties to review each week. Once you select the property that’s right for you, we will help you conduct the inspections, all the due diligence, and make an offer for you if you are happy with the result.
  2. Settlement Fee : $9,990 (inc. GST) The settlement fee covers all the work that we’ve done so far to get you the right property generating you income. This includes the hundreds of hours behind the scene in sourcing and filtering the properties defined from your strategy.

Other costs that you may incur are:

  • Home loan
  • Conveyancing ($1,800)
  • Build & Pest inspector ($500)
  • Property manager ($175 per month)

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