The Best Areas to Invest in Australia Right Now

Best places to invest in right now


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Best places to invest in right now

The Best Areas to Invest in Australia Right Now

Not sure if you want to invest in property before the end of the year? We’ve got you covered with Spring’s hottest investment locations.


Spring is already upon us, and the market is already starting to pick up before the end of the year. Dozens of new properties are flooding the market in Canberra as rental prices are dropping. But across New South Wales, housing prices are now $284,000 higher than they were in December 2029, and you’ll be paying 40% more if you want to invest in Tasmania.

Quarterly property price changes


So what should investors do? On averages, prices have rebounded 3.5% since 2022, but the areas that are seeing the highest price increases are in capital cities. 

This means investors still have the chance to invest now in locations where the prices are still below peak. But the prices won’t stay low for long! It’s expected that by Christmas, these areas will increase in price.

Here are our predictions for the hottest investment areas for Spring.



Housing prices  in Brisbane are still 6% below peak, but the prices are expected the increase soon! If you want to invest in Brisbane, now is the time. 

There are a lot of benefits to investing in Brisbane, and for a long time investors have considered the sunny location a haven for high-returns and rental yields.

Brisbane offers investors a range of benefits:

  • It has economic growth and stability
  • There is strong population growth and demand
  • Brisbane is undergoing significant infrastructure development
  • Housing prices are affordable compared to Sydney and Melbourne
  • There is a strong rental market

Looking to invest in Brisbane? Book a free investment strategy session with our team to see if this area aligns with your goals and budget.



The property market in Adelaide has increased year on year by 17% and is continuing to grow. Adelaide has developed a reputation of being the Silicon Valley of Australia because both property prices and rental values have seen record growth since 2012. 

Adelaide property prices have increased, but some investors are seen over 40% capital growth in less than one year. 

So why invest in Adelaide? Adelaide offers investors:

  • High growth properties that cater to a range of budgets
  • Low vacancy rates for tenants
  • High rental yields of over 5.2% for PropHero clients
  • The highest capital growth of all capital cities but with stable property prices


Alongside Brisbane and Adelaide, Perth was one of the other few locations that saw positive growth in 2022, despite the downturn in prices everywhere else. 

According to Corelogic, the median price for a home in Perth is $588,484, which is the second lowest price behind Hobart.

Perth offers sustainable capital gains opportunities for investors, including:

  • A higher average yield compared to other locations of 5.5%
  • It’s a sustainable option for investors looking to increase short term cash flows
  • It’s seen phenomenal growth in rental prices, with rent value for houses increasing by 13% since last year

Act fast, by Christmas prices are expected to increase in these areas

If you’re a property investor and are looking for a bargain before the end of the year, now is the time to invest in Adelaide and Brisbane!

Reach out to our team here and book a FREE investment strategy session to see if these areas meet your investment goals and budget.

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