SkyNews calls PropHero ‘A match made in real estate heaven’


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SkyNews calls PropHero ‘A match made in real estate heaven’

On Sunday 7th August, our Co-Founder & Co-CEO Pablo Gil Brusola was interviewed live on television for Sky News by journalist Erin Molan.

Here are the highlights!

Erin Molan (EM): At some stage in our lives, most of us have probably dreamt of inventing something incredible that takes off and we never have to work again!

Recently, it’s been Silicon Valley style tech startups.

A couple of young lads have co-founded a proptech company and they’re calling it ‘Tinder for property’!

Pablo Gil Brusola from PropHero – welcome to Erin!

Firstly, can you explain what Tinder is to our audience, please?

Pablo Gil Brusola (PGB): Thank you for having me Erin! Tinder is a dating app that uses a matching algorithm to find you the perfect date and at PropHero, it is very similar. We use two data models to help you find the right investment property.  Firstly, our suburb data model finds the best properties, and then a second data model will match those properties with the right investors.

EM: So how did you come up with the idea to treat property buying like dating?

PGB: The idea came from my business partner Mickael Roger, who has always been interested in Data and AI. He thought that there must be a way to use it to help Australians find the right property investment. It is all about using data to find the right properties and also helping customers to make the property purchase – we make it a very smooth and seamless process.

EM: So you come up with an amazing idea, how do you then develop it into an app?

PGB: We can do a lot with our phones these days and we wanted to add buying property to the mix. We wanted to come up with an app that allows you to find, buy and manage your investment property. We started delivering with our browser version and then our BUY app.

Now we’re about to release our TRACK app. The TRACK app will give clients the ability to manage each of their properties on their phone and give them recommendations as to what to do next with their property portfolio.

EM: So who was your first customer and how did you convince them to use your service?

PGB: Well as you can imagine, when we first started nobody trusted us very much, so we really had to tap into our own network. After about a year we have helped over 150 clients which is an amazing track record. We convinced our customers through showing them the data and the facts, to find the right property.

EM: So I’ve never used Tinder, but I know it works by choosing specific preferences – is it the same with PropHero?

PGB: Yes, first we ask you some questions about what you are looking for, and you can filter based on your preferences and specify the criteria of the property you are seeking.

We are constantly adding to our platform finding new properties across the country, so based on your specific criteria, we can match you with the perfect property, through our data processes, all from our BUY app.

EM: Can the property then reject your client – does it work both ways?

PGB: It can happen! We might not get the property because there was a higher bidder.

EM: Obviously the next goal is to take this global … how will that happen?

PGB: We actually started globally.  After four months, we were already international and we were present in Australia and Spain.

We want to expand into three new countries and, of course, we want to build the next Australian unicorn!

EM: Amazing, well I wish you all the luck in the world, thank you so much.

The above remarks have been edited for clarity. You can enjoy watching the full interview between Erin and Pablo here.  

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