Raising The Rental Bar For Residential Property In Queensland

residential property


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residential property

Raising The Rental Bar For Residential Property In Queensland

If you own a residential investment property in Queensland, listen up!


The new ‘Minimum Housing Standards’ for rental properties come into effect for all new tenancies beginning September 1, 2023, and become fully effective for all tenancies from September 1, 2024,


So, what are these new rules?

They’re a compilation of safety, security, and functionality guidelines so that rental properties are safe and provide tenants, residents, property managers and owners with greater clarity around their maintenance obligations for rental properties.


Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your investment property is up to scratch and in accordance with the new rules:


  1. Weatherproof and structurally sound – The walls and the ceilings should be in good condition and the structure must be sound and weatherproof.


  1. Fixtures and fittings – All electrical equipment and appliances should be in proper condition and shouldn’t cause any injury to a person/tenant. 


  1. Functional security – The premises must have a functioning lock or latch fitted to all external windows and doors which can be reached without a ladder to secure the property against unauthorised entry. 


  1. Pest and mould – The property must maintain a vermin-free environment and remain free from issues of dampness and mold. It is important to note that this requirement does not encompass instances where such conditions are a direct result of tenant actions or negligence.


  1. Privacy – The property must be equipped with window coverings, such as blinds or curtains, in all rooms, including bedrooms, to ensure adequate privacy.


  1. Plumbing and drainage – The property must possess sufficient plumbing and drainage infrastructure to accommodate the number of occupants it houses. Additionally, it should be connected to a reliable water supply service or alternative infrastructure that provides both hot and cold water of a quality suitable for consumption.


  1. Kitchen equipment – A kitchen, if included, must include a functioning cook-top.


  1. Laundry facilities – A laundry, if included, must include the fixtures required to provide a functional laundry other than whitegoods.


  1. Bathrooms and waste disposal – The bathroom and toilet facilities within the premises must ensure user privacy. Each toilet must operate as intended, including proper flushing and refilling mechanisms, and be appropriately connected to a sewer, septic system, or an alternative waste disposal system.


To learn more about the minimum housing standards, click here to view the RTA’s updated rental law changes webpage, or reach out to our team at

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