PropHero versus Buyers Agents: Know the Difference

difference between prophero and buyers agents


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difference between prophero and buyers agents

PropHero versus Buyers Agents: Know the Difference

Wondering what makes PropHero different from traditional buyers’ agents? We get asked this a lot, and it’s one of the reasons our Co-Founder Mickael Roger created PropHero.

You may be wondering whether to use a buyers’ agent or a data-driven technology platform like PropHero, so we’ve distilled the main differences for you in this short post.


Local versus nationwide

Traditional buyers’ agents generally work in one local area. They are comfortable with the area, but only want you to invest in that area because that’s what they are comfortable with.

PropHero utilizes a proprietary data model to scan the whole country – 18,000+ suburbs to be exact! Through this model, we identify the best-performing properties for buyers and have outperformed the rest of the market by 12% on average.


Data-driven versus location-biased

Traditional buyers’ agents won’t use data to forecast potential factors that will render your investment stagnant, and they especially won’t assess the 200+ variables that our proprietary model checks.

The top-performing areas that deliver the greatest capital growth and highest rental yield for buyers change over time. As a property investor, you need to be on the pulse of the latest locations and understand how they will change over the next few years and months.

PropHero takes a data-driven first approach and utilizes a proprietary AI model that assesses over 200+ variables across the country. With PropHero, you will not see a property unless it meets the assessment criteria of this model.


Long-term capital growth versus floor pricing

A buyers’ agent may get you a good deal in their local area now. But how will the return on that property change in the next quarter?

PropHero’s goal is to be your long-term wealth partner, meaning we’ll scan the entire country to find a long-term property investment that will meet your financial goals – now and into the future.

We focus on investments that are low-risk and high-return, and because of this, we outperform our competitors by 170% on average.


Capital city investments versus regional areas

Buyers’ agents will encourage you to invest in underperforming regional areas because the property values there are seen to be more affordable.

We focus on investment properties in capital cities. The PropHero goal is to help you build wealth through property.

We check over 200+ parameters before we share a property with you, and we’re transparent about how your property performs over time, and we’ll make recommendations for future investments.


Manual versus new age in property investment

The investment process with a traditional buyers’ agent is incredibly manual. You will need to go to their office, check properties in person, and sign documentation in person.

At PropHero, we’ve revolutionized the process of buying property. You’ll get access to online meetings with licensed coaches and experts to guide you through the process of finding the best property for you.

We do all the work for you, and you can check the progress of investing in your property through our app.

Once you start investing in properties, you can track and measure the performance of these properties over time. You’ll get real-time insights into your capital gains and cash flows over time.

If this is the experience you’re looking for when it comes to investing in property, why wait? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session with our team today!

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