PropHero Reviews & Customer Stories: Real Client Results


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PropHero Reviews & Customer Stories: Real Client Results

Since launching in 2021, PropHero is proud to have changed the financial future for many Australians in a way that cannot be described.

Purchasing a property is a huge milestone. And investing in property can seem even scarier. 

Luckily, our proprietary model has outperformed any other supplier in terms of capital growth and rental yield. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not! 

We’ve put together a few real stories if you’re considering using PropHero, but you can read more in our Success Stories library right here.

We also have an average of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot from happy clients that are seeing the results of their investment.

Our approach to investing in property is data-led, location agnostic, and customer-centric. We’re proud to showcase our results. Read two of our success stories below:


Success story #1:

One client bought a property in QLD in September 2021. In this case, the property needed some slight renovations, but given the property was purchased for $25,000 below market price, our clients had some extra cash to renovate. 

The house was 600sqm, had 3 bedrooms and had the potential to build a 4th bedroom. At the time it was purchased for $451,000 in 2021.

Today, the property is worth $585,000 and they are generating $450 every week in rental income. 

PropHero results for this lucky client:

  • +$134,000 in capital growth in 2 years
  • 5.2% yield in rental income
  • $450 in weekly rental income that will soon increase to $490pw 

The average capital growth rate for property in Australia is 6.6%. So this a massive return for our client and just one story to show that PropHero cares about making sure we get the right property for the right client.

Let’s take a look at our second success story. 


Success story #2:

Another PropHero client bought another QLD property in late 2021. This client was looking for long-term capital growth, and wanted a property they could set and forget, and use it one day to grow capital for their retirement. 

This property was in perfect condition and was purchased for $621,000. It’s a massive 325 sqm property that’s in immaculate condition with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2 parking spaces. 

Fast forward to today and their property is worth a staggering $792,000! Our clients are generating $600pw in rental income, although this is just a side perk. This client sees the long term viability of this property and will be looking for the longer term capital growth with this investment. 

PropHero results for this lucky client:

  • +$171,000 in capital growth in 18 months
  • 5% yield in rental income
  • $600 in weekly rental income 

This particular client is looking to hold their property until it exceeds $1m in value – which by the look of it, will happen in the next few years!


Here are a few of our Trustpilot reviews:

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Here are just a few of our Google Reviews:

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If you have questions about PropHero and how we work with clients to deliver these kinds of results, book a free consultation with our team at a time that suits you.




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