PropHero Pricing: Transparent Process & No Hidden Fees

prophero pricing


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prophero pricing

PropHero Pricing: Transparent Process & No Hidden Fees

At PropHero, we are proud that at our core we are transparent, honest and use data to find the highest return properties for our clients.

Our process, which you can learn about here, is transparent and collaborative from end to end. We know our model delivers the best results in the market, and our clients see on average, a 17% higher return than any other supplier.

Our approach is refreshingly transparent and data-driven, with competitive fees that make investing with us the smart choice.

Here’s how it works.


Introduction & Discovery

Before you commit to anything, you can book in a free Discovery session with our team. This is so you can talk with our licensed professionals to see if you’re ready to invest, and also to see if you want to proceed to the next stage with PropHero.

Our Discovery Session comes with no strings attached and is completely free. We believe that even if you’re not ready to make a property investment right now, you should still have access to expert guidance to help you pinpoint the perfect timing.


Strategy and searching

If you decide you want to look for a property with PropHero, our fee is just $1,990+GST. Not only are we open about our pricing, but it’s lower than our competitors.

You get access to experienced coaches and our PropHero app. This is a one-time fee for a comprehensive process that typically spans 1-2 months while we diligently search for your ideal property.

In this phase we also create an investment strategy with you, so the properties we share with you are closely aligned to your financial goals. We’ll share property recommendations with you during this phase, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to invest. Which takes us to the next stage.


Settling with PropHero

Upon securing a property through PropHero, our pricing remains simple and cost-effective. We charge a flat, one-time fee of $11,000, payable only when the property deal is finalised. This fee structure is remarkably competitive, offering savings of 20-50% compared to traditional buyer’s agents.

During this stage, our team will do the heavy lifting for you, including building and pest inspections.

So if you’re thinking about investing in property and want to learn more about our process, remember – our discovery sessions are free and come with no obligations to pay for anything upfront. Book in a time now to learn more about our process and pricing.


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