PropHero Has a New Look

PropHero New Look


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PropHero New Look

PropHero Has a New Look

PropHero has a new look! We’re excited to share these updates to our brand with you and why we made them.

What’s new and what’s not

We’ve updated our logo, wordmark, typeface, colors, and imagery like photography and graphic designs. We wanted to express our expertise in selecting the right areas for growth, and we feel that our brand identity expresses that more closely now.

Aside from new colors and illustrations, everything inside the PropHero app and our customer experience will be largely the same.

We’ve made changes to our communication channels to make it easier for our customers to find the resources they need. 

  • We’ve made changes to our site to make it easier for customers to find our resources including recorded webinars, blog content and links to our apps
  • We’ve updated all our onboarding documentation and emails to ensure they have all the right information and reflect our new brand.

How we got here

PropHero was founded in 2021 in Sydney, and since then we’ve expanded to Spain and Bali, and we continue to grow! We’ve got an international team of over 60 people, and it’s expanding everyday.

We’ve seen such impressive growth over the last two years. We’ve developed a new app and have seen the highest returns for our customers on the market. 

We felt it was time to take our brand to the next level to reflect our expertise in property investment and portfolio growth, as well as showcase our data-driven technology more accurately. 

With this new design, we set out to reflect the power of AI and data-driven property investment, and to demonstrate that we are backed by both an impressive team of experts, but also amazing global technology that delivers real returns. 

We want to show our customers that we are the leading property investment technology globally, and we will continue to deliver the amazing results we always have. 

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