Join our Broker’s program and start turning missed opportunities into sales and repeating clients.

We help you find, buy and manage high return and low risk investment properties.

This program is for brokers who:

Want to help their clients find and buy an investment property more efficiently than they can by themselves

PropHero manages your listing from A to Z.

Want to convert pre-approval into draw loans and reduce time wasted from pre-approvals expiring/lapsing

Receive offers from our investors in 48h on average.

Want to help clients successfully grow their property portfolio faster, increasing the lifetime value and retention.

Our buyers are pre-approved by our mortgage experts and assisted throughout the transaction process.

Want free mortgage leads from PropHero who requires a trusted broker.

Your commission remains unchanged, and PropHero will split its commission with you!

PropHero’s proprietary data model and the predictive algorithm have helped buyers identify investment gems, with high capital growth potential and high rental yield.

In fact, 100% of PropHero acquired properties have been cash-flow positive from day one – making purchasing a no-brainer.

We use data and AI to identify the most attractive suburbs and properties from around Australia (and now in Spain) to invest in.

What we can do for you

We developed this program to work with mortgage brokers who are experiencing revenue loss due to pre-approved loans lapsing from owner-occupiers currently getting priced out of the market and from property investors delaying to secure their ideal property due to uncertainty of where and what to buy.

This program is a success for our broker partners in converting these missed opportunities and growing their loan books.

See what one of partners says about us:

“From my clientele kicking off their long-term property portfolio. I encourage them to reach out to PropHero, as they may not be aware of the comprehensive coverage of “growth areas” and up-and-coming locations that PropHero have to offer – the client may only be aware/comfortable in buying in areas they know, as opposed to someone like PropHero, who can educate the client on other potential areas to buy nation-wide.”


Our clients say it best

Join PropHero: start turning missed opportunities into sales and repeat clients.

Australia’s top performing brokers are already partnered with us


The PropHero commission will depend on the listing conditions negotiated for every property.

Only profitable buy-to-let properties are listed on PropHero. Our experts can share with you specific criteria for the areas where you’re operating.
You can reach us by email at or call us on +33 1 76 31 05 03
PropHero takes care of all the listing process, from viewings to closings.

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