Level Up Your Portfolio Game With PropHero’s New App!

Level Up Your Portfolio Game With PropHero’s New App


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Level Up Your Portfolio Game With PropHero’s New App

Level Up Your Portfolio Game With PropHero’s New App!


PropHero Portfolio: The New App That Will Change The Way You View Your Portfolio

Manage your full portfolio in one place

Add your investment properties and track your cash flows and portfolio value like never before. PropHero was created to help you build and manage a profitable property portfolio, so we developed the Portfolio app so you can easily see how your properties are performing in one, simple interface.


Import Properties

Easily import your properties

For those who have invested in property with PropHero before, you’ll know that our original app was designed for investors with PropHero properties to track their properties and browse off market deals. 

With our new Portfolio app, anyone can sign up to the app and start importing their properties. We designed this app to help investors get a clear view on all their properties, while also removing the manual process of trying to calculate rental income and cash flows. 


Track Everything

Track everything in one place

Once you’ve imported all your investment properties, you’ll get real-time insights into their capital growth. A view of your whole portfolio. All in one place. 

Your personalised investment dashboard

Get insights and analytics on the trends and changes in your portfolio growth. We track the metrics that matter most to you, including:

  • Capital growth estimates. Get an estimation of all your properties, in any country and their fluctuations over time
  • Rental income. See how much rent generate for every property in one place and identify changes in the market straight away
  • Cash flows. Manage your finances easily and start planning your next investment by getting better visibility into your cash flow. 
  • Yield. Get real-time insights into your rental yield that update with changes in the market. No more researching the latest interest rates. We do it for you in one, simple dashboard.


Get exclusive property deals

Access exclusive property deals

We’ll be loading our new Portfolio app with all the latest exclusive, not-to-be-missed market deals. We have access to some of the highest growth properties across Australia, Spain and Bali, and we’re growing our portfolio everyday. 

With Portfolio, you’ll stop wondering about the latest property deals and you’ll get access to new investment opportunities updated daily, at the tip of your fingers. 


Download PropHero Portfolio today

You can download PropHero’s Portfolio app from the App Store and from the Google Play store

Once you download the app, all you need to do is create an account and you can start tracking your portfolio. Give it a try to see how much easier it is to manage your property portfolio all in one place. 

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