Get high returns from rental villas in Bali that start from just $265,000 AUD

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Investment overview

$265K AUD

Villas from $265K AUD

$31K - 40K AUD

Estimated Annual Income

11.5 -15%

Net Estimated Returns

The property

PropHero is building luxurious villas in Bali that offer lucrative returns like no other location.

With an exclusive villa in Bali, you can expect record estimated returns between 11.5 – 15% at a lower investment price compared to anywhere in Australia.

Your investment will be listed on Airbnb and, and with the beautiful scenery and quality finishings, your patrons will love their experience in these exclusive locations. 

It doesn’t stop there, other features include a private pool, spacious garden, kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, and more.

Note: photos are virtual renderings only.

The project

Why invest in Bali?

Bali properties offer investors a unique opportunity to purchase a low cost villa with record high returns. Bali is also experiencing a boom due to a range of factors:


It’s a booming island with international tourists, sitting at the top of the world rankings.


Exceptional weather. 80% of the year is sunny, making it a great tourist destination year-round.


The average temperature is 28 to 31 degrees throughout the year so there is no quiet season.


The cost of real estate is much lower meaning you can purchase a villa for just $265k.


We build exclusively on Bukit/Uluwatu, one of the most beautiful and touristic areas of Bali.


Every year the average rental price goes up by 10-20%, increasing your ROI every year.


Bingin, Uluwatu

Bingin is an idyllic holiday destination with pristine white sand beaches and a luxurious lifestyle.

An increasing number of tourists and remote workers from the tourist hubs of Canggu and Seminyak are making the move to Bingin for a calmer, more relaxing environment.

Our location

Why invest in Bingin?


Average nightly rate for a 1-bedroom villa on Airbnb

Strong demand

Strong demand for rental properties in surrounding areas have ensured average nightly returns are high.


Increase in land value since the end of 2022

Lucrative opportunity

Land value is appreciating at an accelerated rate. The demand for tourism housing far exceeds the available supply.


Food and drink destinations are 5 minutes away

Prime location

The market is constantly growing and is driving the development of more food and beverage destinations.

Invest in Bali

Ranks Bali as the #2 destination in the world

Tripadvisor ranked Bali as the second best global destination in 2023.

Luxury Real Estate

CBRE forecasts Bali as a top investment: "Bali presents a tremendous opportunity for savvy investors who can [...] filter through the available opportunities to unlock value."


Increase in international visitors to Bali from 2010 to 2019.

6.3 Million

Tourist arrivals in 2019. Tourism is recovering swiftly post Covid.

4.5 Million

Estimated international tourist arrivals in 2023.

Project timing

October-December 2023

Completion of project study and execution budgets
October-December 2023

January-March 2024

January-March 2024

April 2024

Signature deed of purchase/sale
April 2024

June 2024

Kick-off construction
June 2024

August 2025

Completed project and villas in operation
August 2025

Within 18 months of purchase

First income
Within 18 months of purchase

October-December 2023

Completion of project study and execution budgets
October-December 2023

January-March 2024

January-March 2024

April 2024

Signature deed of purchase/sale
April 2024

June 2024

Kick-off construction
June 2024

August 2025

Completed project and villas in operation
August 2025

Within 18 months of purchase

First income
Within 18 months of purchase

The area Bali, Indonesia

7th place
in the world


2 %

By volume of GDP

World economies by 2030

Annual inflation rate

Beyond stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has just about every kind of natural beauty one could wish for in a holiday destination.

Magnificent mountains with lush vegetation, picturesque lakes, magnificent waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, rushing holy rivers, and secret canyons make up the island’s landscape.

These luxury villas will be located in Uluwatu, one of the best locations in Bali.

Main infrastructure and investments

Bali’s infrastructure is constantly developing and evolving, making this beach haven one of the most desirable investment locations in the world.

A new international airport in the north of Bali.

The largest theme park in all of Southeast Asia: Paramount Pictures

The G20 Summit was held in November 2022.

A new cruise port and a second major toll road.

Project breakdown

Project expenses Total
Project expenses Land lease
Total $65,559 AUD
Project expenses Construction + Full Setup Villas
Total $184,251 AUD
Project expenses PropHero Fees (gst included)
Total $13,975 AUD
Project expenses Total investment
Total $263,785 AUD
Income Occupation 80% Total
Income Occupation 80% Total revenue sales
Total $ 75,464 AUD
Income Occupation 80% Less TOTAL TAXES AND SERVICE AND OTA
Total -$17,829 AUD
Income Occupation 80% Management Commission 18,7%
Total -$14,112 AUD
Income Occupation 80% Total operating expenses
(Government fees, supplies,
maintenance, utilities, etc.)
Total -$10,265 AUD
Income Occupation 80% Annual Net Income
Total $33,258 AUD
Income Occupation 80% Annual Net Return
Total 12,6%

Payment timeline

Concept Date Amount Description
Concept Deposit to secure the property
Date February 29th
Amount $16,500 AUD
Description Money that will go towards your first payment
Concept First payment
Date March 15th
Amount $100,435 AUD
Description PropHero fees: $11,550 AUD
PropHero rates: $2,425 AUD
Land lease + associated costs: $86,460 AUD
Project Development: $16,500 AUD
Total: $116,935 AUD
Concept Second payment
Date April 15th
Amount $41,250 AUD
Description Before construction begins
Concept Third payment
Date September 15th, 2024
Amount $41,250 AUD
Description 1st construction milestone
Concept Fourth payment
Date January 15th, 2025
Amount $31,350 AUD
Description 2nd construction milestone
Concept Fifth payment
Date March 15th, 2025
Amount $16,500 AUD
Description 3rd construction milestone
Concept Sixth payment
Date At the end
Amount $16,500 AUD
Description Approx. October December
Concept Total investment
Amount $263,785 AUD

Comparable section


$340,200 AUD


$403,200 AUD

Our current projects in development

Our portfolio of realised projects showcases our team’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional buildings. From large commercial developments to bespoke residential properties, our diverse range of projects reflects our dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

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Our partners

Our clients say it best


In Indonesia, there are two types of contracts for land or houses.

(1) “Leaseholds” are very common in Bali due to their high profitability. They are rental contracts for a number of years that you have agreed upon with the owner of the land. These years are usually 20, 25 or 30. The most common is 25 years. For this investment opportunity, the contract will be for 25 years with the option for another 25 year extension.

(2) The other type is know as “freehold”. This means that you own the property for life. To do this you must either be an Indonesian citizen, or own the property under an Indonesian company.

For this investment opportunity, the properties are offered as long leaseholds for 25 years. 

When the contract expires, an extension can be negotiated at market price or the conditions of the rental can be negotiated.

You do not have to pay the full amount up front. Payment amount and cadence will be outlined in the terms and conditions.

Payments will be made by bank transfer to PropHero.

Payments are made quarterly unless otherwise advised. Payments are made directly to the bank account that you specify. Please note that international transfer costs are incurred by the recipient of the money.

Yes, they come fully furnished and ready to rent.

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