High Rental Yield Suburbs – Everything You Need To Know

high rental yield suburbs


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high rental yield suburbs

High Rental Yield Suburbs – Everything You Need To Know

Location is EVERYTHING. If you’re not investing in the right areas, then you’re missing out on potential returns.


So, how do you make sure you choose the right location and what else are important factors to consider?


At PropHero, we only invest in properties in locations where the data tells us to go.


What other factors do we take into account?

1. High rental yield

2. High capital growth

3. Affordability

4. Supply and demand

5. Market dynamics

6. Macroeconomics

7. Climate risk


One of our top tips is to diversify your property portfolio. How? The easiest way is by buying properties in different locations. This minimises the risk of downturns in a market – if all of your properties were located in one area and that market hits a slowdown, your profitability and portfolio may be in jeopardy, so diversifying is very important when building out your property portfolio.


Many investors focus on the past performance of locations and don’t focus on areas with the highest potential for future growth.


Why do they make this costly mistake?


Simply put, they don’t have the predictive algorithms or AI to be able to conduct this research. And that’s where we come in. At PropHero, we analyse past performance and use our award-winning data models and AI to identify what areas and what properties are set to be the highest performing over the long term.


Plus, we do 99% of the work for you so you can invest with confidence and ease. We turn everyday Aussies into the most successful property investors in the country. And we’re so proud to have helped over 1,000 clients towards achieving financial wellbeing through property, effortlessly.


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