How PropHero Works: Everything You Need To Know About Our Award-Winning Tech

How PropHero works


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How PropHero works

How PropHero Works: Everything You Need To Know About Our Award-Winning Tech

Property investment in Australia is both rooted in our culture and everyday lives, but it’s also an immensely complex, frustrating and even frightening experience for many people that are new to the market. 

PropHero is an award-winning, AI driven technology that analyses millions of data points to pinpoint areas with the highest growth potential for investors. Our model identifies not only the best areas to invest in right now, but it weeds out high-risk, low return properties to ensure that buyers always stay on top and never get bogged down by bad investments. 

So how do we do this? Our process is our differentiating factor from buyers agents and other solution providers, and all our happy customers would agree. 

In this post, you’ll learn all about Prophero, including:

  • Our discovery sessions 
  • How our app supports your investment portfolio growth
  • Our strategy sessions
  • Searching for and settling on the right property for you
  • Continual evaluations and assessment of your investments

But first, here’s a super quick overview of what we do.


Our mission

PropHeros mission is to create a transparent, data-driven process for the everyday person to achieve financial well-being through property investment.

We are:

  • Data-driven and AI led
  • The only provider that scourers all the necessary data-points to minimise your risk
  • The only provider that will ensure you are not impacted by climate change and environmental factors
  • Your partner. We don’t stop after the first settlement. We continually assess your investments and work you to grow your wealth

Below you’ll see our four step process for how we achieve this. If you want to learn more though, see a more detailed view on how we work here


PropHero 30-minute Discovery Sessions

All it takes is just 30 minutes for our team to define your budget, timing and your readiness to invest. 

To begin the journey with PropHero, all you need to do is book in time with our team here, and our licensed team will ask you the questions they need to determine your readiness to invest in property. 

Our discovery sessions are free, transparent, and are catered to your needs. If our team determines you’re ready to buy now, we’ll pass you through to the next step: the Strategy Session


PropHero Strategy Sessions

Now that we know you’re ready to invest now and your personal financial situation is also in the right place, we’ll introduce you to our property coaches for a Strategy Session. Here, we’ll define the kind of property investment that fits your needs.

This phase can take 1-2 months to complete depending on the person. This is because we’ll be doing extensive due diligence in the background to ensure the properties we show you are risk free, and we’ll be negotiating with real estate agents on your behalf to get you the best deal.

Once we find a property that fits your brief, we’ll take you to the next state: Property Settlement.


PropHero Settlement Process

When you purchase a property with PropHero, we take care of 99% of the important and mundane tasks that many people are often too busy to give their full attention to.

When you move to the settlement stage, we organise building and pest inspections, we manage the agent, broker and solicitor, and we will introduce you to the Property Manager. 

The settlement phase for many homeowners and investors is often the most stressful part, but PropHero makes it easy. See what our customers have said about their experience settling a property with PropHero in our Success Story library


Ongoing Portfolio Growth 

Once you’ve settled a property it doesn’t end there with PropHero. We will undergo Portfolio Growth sessions with you every 6 months to ensure all your investments are performing well and we’ll make recommendations for off market properties that will suit your needs. 

With PropHero, we believe that our process helps everyday people invest in more than one property with our model, and we’ll do constant cash flow analyses with you to ensure you’re always growing capital when you use PropHero. 


PropHero Pricing

Our process is transparent and data-driven, and we only charge those that are looking to actively use our services and technology. 

Our Discovery Session is 100% no strings attached and free. We believe that if you’re not in the right situation to pay for property right now, you should still have access to expert help to help you identify when you may be ready. 

If you decide to move forward with a Strategy Session with our team, our pricing is $1,990 for the discovery process with our coaches. This is a once off fee for a process that could take 1-2 months while we find you the perfect property.

If you settle on a property with PropHero, our pricing is a flat, once off fee of $11,000. This is only due when you settle the property, and it’s 20-50% less than traditional buyers agents. 

If you want to learn more about our process or have other questions we haven’t answered here, head to our FAQ page

If you’re ready to learn more, booking in your free, no-strings attached discovery session here and start your investment journey today. 


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