We make property investing simple and more profitable.

PropHero is a one-stop-shop to help you buy the best-performing investment properties in Australia.

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How PropHero Works?

Take advantage of data analysis technology to make smart investment decisions. Invest with confidence and get the full potential out of your real estate investments.


We outperform the market by 170%


Average capital gains in 2022

+ $6M

Managed in the first semester of 2023


Happy clients and counting

How PropHero Works?

We do 99% of the work for you to invest in a top performing property.


We search for top-performing opportunities tailored to your specific investment strategy.


We negotiate the best possible deal for you and help you close on the property.


We help you select the best tenants and connect you with our property management partners.


Track your investment portfolio directly through the PropHero app.

Average profitability of real estate projects in Australia


Average profitability of projects carried out by PropHero in Australia


We take care of everything!

Remove the guesswork and focus on growth.

PropHero removes ambiguity with data analytics and proven experts.

Investments made by our clients

Our clients say it best


Our models change regularly and we do not invest solely in ‘defined’ areas, as this leads to bias and missed opportunities elsewhere. Instead, our data helps us focus on the “Top 1%” growth areas in Australia and Spain that can vary over time. This helps ensure that our clients can grow their investment(s) faster.

Now that we understand your investment goals and you have see what PropHero is able to do. We will ask you to complete the onboarding process and sign an Engagement agreement – This is a six-month agreement that allows us to make offers on properties on your behalf.

Once we receive these documents, we’ll get straight to work. Our Client Success member will initiate a call with you to take you through each step to owning your first (or one of many) investment properties.

Once you bought a property you can keep track of its performance through our app. We will also make sure to send you the information every 3 to 6 months to keep you updated and answer any questions you have. When the right time comes, we’ll be ready to help you expand your property portfolio.

Our models are regularly changing, and we do not invest only in ‘defined’ areas as this leads to bias and misses opportunities elsewhere. Instead, our data helps us to concentrate on the ‘Top 1%’ growth areas in Australia. This helps ensure our clients are able to grow their asset(s) more quickly.

Our team of experts are here to help make your property investment goals a reality

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