From AfterWork to Life’s Work: Spotlight in Mickael Roger, co-founder of PropHero


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From AfterWork to Life’s Work: Spotlight in Mickael Roger, co-founder of PropHero

From AfterWork to Life’s Work: Spotlight in Mickael Roger, co-founder of propHero

We’re thrilled to welcome AfterWork Ventures onto our cap table and look forward to working with Alex Khor and the team.

Very recently Annabel Acton interviewed our co-founder Mickael Roger, on how he built conviction to make his ‘after work’ project his life’s work.

“AfterWork recently invested in PropHero’s $1.6 million pre-seed round, alongside Global Founder’s CapitalJelix Ventures, and The Fund.

Founded by Mickael Roger and Pablo Gil Brusola, PropHero is an AI-powered digital buyer’s agent that identifies investment properties most perfectly matched to a buyer’s preferences and budget; PropHero’s engine pulls 40 million data points and processes 240 variables to screen 18,000 Australian suburbs for properties with a buyer’s preferred risk and return characteristics.

PropHero’s approach speeds up the buying process, without sacrificing thoroughness.

The team is confident it can help buyers make great purchases in 98% less time – the quickest purchase to date has been 48 hours from first search. Additionally, PropHero has been helping its customers beat the market; overall, the properties PropHero bought for its customers have increased 17% in value over the past 6 months, 89% more than the average property price increase in Australia over the same period.

Before founding PropHero, Mickael was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, and a leader in Mckinsey’s Data & Artificial Intelligence practice.  His affinity for data is matched by his passion for creating better and fairer experience for property investors; and in doing so, opening property investing up to the next generation.

In getting to know Mickael and Pablo, we were consistently impressed by their methodical approach to building PropHero. Starting with only the germ of an idea, we watched the team work with focus and precision to finalise six home purchases within just three months. We attribute this momentum to the structured approach the team took to test, improve, and refine their idea; while also quantifying and contextualising the problem. It’s this kind of tenacity, commitment and resilience that makes Mickael a natural leader, with the magnetic and dogged determination necessary to realise his vision.”

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