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Financial Foreplay Podcast

What if There Were an Easier Way to Choose Profitable Investment Properties?

Investing in property is a time-consuming, stressful and non-transparent process. It is estimated that investors spend on average 200 hours looking for a property, including frustrating Saturday morning inspections. Typically there are 5-10 stakeholders involved, the process is unclear, and most are worried about making a wrong/poor decision. It is extremely hard to find the data and insights to know where and what to buy and at what price.

On January 30th, our Co-Founder Mickael Roger participated at the Financial Foreplay Podcast, hosted by Rhondalynn Korolak, and talked about some of the benefits that PropHero brings to the table when investing in property.

Financial Foreplay® Highlights:

PropHero is an AI-driven digital property investment platform that helps you find, buy and manage the best investment properties.  PropHero is designed to help investors build wealth and make property investing simple, transparent and more profitable. 

– Simplicity: Save up to 95% of the time usually spent to find an investment property with the help of your dedicated Property Coach and via our user-friendly digital platform simplifying each step of the property investment process.

– Transparency: We share with you all the data and model insights to help you understand the potential of the properties we find for you.

– Greater profitability: We use Data and AI to locate the next ‘hotspots’ and find superior investment opportunities.

Listen to the Podcast

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