Construction of 3 luxury villas in the booming area of Bingin, Bali.

Delegating the entire process: search, purchase, renovation, furnishing, and tenant management.

Numbers of 1 villa

163,702 €

Annual revenue

500 €

Average price per night


Average occupancy


Bedroom villa

The average occupancy rate over the past year was 89.7%, as indicated through the BedBooking platform, a reservation management software that centralizes all booking information. This high occupancy rate showcases the property’s success in attracting and maintaining guest bookings throughout the year.

The property

Location: The villas are located in a prime spot, just a few minutes’ walk from Bingin’s center. This area boasts a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a central location close to the sea. For more detailed information, it’s best to refer directly to the source or contact the property managers.


We started the construction of these three stunning contemporary design villas in the well-known Bingin Uluwatu area in 2022.

The aim was to create luxurious and elegant properties to attract a more exclusive audience to the area.

3 Villas with 3 bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms in the heart of Bingin.

Features and amenities:

Each villa features three spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, offering comfort and privacy to its residents. The modern and contemporary design showcases sophistication and attention to detail, with high-quality finishes throughout. Open floor living areas seamlessly connect the living room, kitchen, and dining area, creating inviting spaces that overlook the pool and garden.

Land photos

Bingin Villas




Living room area:



Kitchen area:



Upstairs hallway area:









The renovation had a positive impact on the hotel business.

It refreshed the hotel’s image, attracting a younger, more affluent audience and resulting in a 30% increase in bookings. Guests now enjoy a more comfortable and sophisticated stay, leading to positive reviews on online platforms. For more details on this transformation, it’s best to refer directly to the source or contact the property managers.


To attract customers to the hotel, we have utilized two online booking platforms (OTAs): Booking and Airbnb.

Using online reservation platforms like Booking and Airbnb has been a key part of our marketing strategy. In addition to these platforms, Bingin Villas also employed social media marketing strategies on Instagram and Facebook to draw more customers. Our social media presence has been carefully designed to actively and attractively showcase our accommodation’s beauty and the rich Balinese culture.

This approach has significantly contributed to our success in attracting international customers and maintaining high ratings on both platforms.


Booking is a global leader in accommodation bookings, where users often use the review score filter to choose their ideal lodging.

To increase our bookings at Bingin Villas, we have persistently worked to achieve a high score.

We reached a score of 9.2, placing us in a privileged position in the Bali lodging rankings.


Airbnb, on the other hand, has become one of the most popular platforms for promoting and booking tourist accommodations.

In the last year, we’ve had the honor of being part of Airbnb’s superhost category, awarded to the most experienced, hospitable, and highly rated hosts by platform users. This has increased our visibility on the platform and boosted our property’s bookings.

High scores and being part of the superhost category are crucial for increasing our accommodation’s bookings and, therefore, improving our profitability in the tourism sector.

That’s why we strive daily to provide the best experience for our guests and ensure their stay at Bingin Villas is unforgettable.


The comprehensive renovation of Bingin Villas has been a valuable investment, improving its market position and increasing its profitability.

The facility upgrades and the adoption of new technologies have enabled us to offer a high-quality experience to our clients and attract a broader, more diverse audience.

Key sales information

These luxury villas in Bingin Uluwatu offer an exceptional investment opportunity for those seeking to own an elegant, high-quality property in one of Bali’s most sought-after destinations. With their contemporary design, luxury amenities, and central location, these villas promise a sophisticated and relaxing living experience.


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