We’re very happy to say that PropHero was mentioned in the Australia Property Investor magazine article titled “Investors pour into proptech; who and what are the next big things?”

See what they said about us!

Combining data and tech smarts with human expertise, PropHero is the latest example of a business transforming the way Australians buy and sell their property.

With a focus on making investing simple, transparent, time-efficient and profitable, they’ve built and launched a platform that helps people buy property in New South Wales and Queensland.

Pablo Gil Brusola, the co-founder of PropHero, said the platform makes property investing accessible to a younger generation who have savings and want a simple digital experience.

“We also have older clients who like our data-driven approach so they can diversify their property portfolios.

“We’re cutting down the time it takes to invest in property by 90 per cent because we have a digital platform and a network of trusted professionals,” Mr Brusola said.

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